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Mold and Your Chimney

Be Worry-Free: Get Rid of Molds in your Chimney

Have you ever experienced just sitting in your living room when you suddenly feel a headache or you find it difficult to breathe? Yes, there can be one a million other causes, but it could also be that toxic mold has taken root in your chimney. A leaky chimney is the culprit.

Mold growth in the chimney is not a rare occurrence. Actually, it’s even very common. Molds generally grow wherever there is moisture. Sometimes they grow inside the cavities of our walls or inside our flooring. But oftentimes, they dwell in our chimney. You see, the chimney and the area around it are very prone to exposure to water. This creates a moist breeding ground and a very ideal nest for the molds to grow.  Now you might think molds are not really that dangerous and are relatively harmless so you wouldn’t want to waste your time on it. You’re wrong. While it is true that some molds are relatively harmless, but when left alone, they can be really toxic. It has a wide range of effects from simple breathing difficulties and dizziness to brain damage and impaired vision. The level of damage greatly depends on how serious the mold infestation has become.

Mold can cause headaches and breathing difficulties - which are worse for people with asthma.

Mold can cause headaches and breathing difficulties – which are worse for people with asthma.

So what then would be the best thing to do? Would you even wait for there to be mold in the first place before you even begin acting on it? I hope the answer is a resounding “no”. You should prevent mold growth from even being possible in your home. Don’t wait until you already have it. End the problem even before it can begin. How do you do this? By making sure that your chimneys is well maintained. If you already have mold, we can remove it.

Call us and we will definitely take care of your needs. From regular chimney inspections to complex repairs and installations, they you can trust we will do a thorough job. The next time you have that headache or shortness of breath, you could be assured that this time, it isn’t mold related. So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and get your chimney checked today!