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At Guaranteed Chimney Service, we spend a lot of time talking with homeowners about the best ways to protect the chimney system against the intrusion of water. And this time is well spent — if water makes its way into your chimney, it can damage just about every part of your system, eroding the mortar joints in your firebox and flue liner, corroding your throat damper, and even seeping through cracks and gaps into the walls of your home.

We know you don’t want to deal with leaks, and we want to do everything we can to protect your system from developing them. But if you do find a leak in or around your chimney, count on Guaranteed Chimney Service to make it a thing of the past. We know chimney systems, and we know which places are the most vulnerable and prone to leak. At Guaranteed Chimney Service, we can repair your damaged chimney and protect it against future leaks.

A Common Contributor To Leaks: Damaged Flashing

One part of your chimney system that we often see contributing to leaks is flashing. Flashing is installed to protect the joints where your chimney exits your roof. It’s installed as a series of layered metal strips, which are designed to provide layers of water protection. Unfortunately (particularly after severe weather), it’s not uncommon to see ripped or damaged flashing, or to see the caulking used to seal particularly-susceptible areas come loose. If your flashing is damaged, we can do the detailed, custom work required to repair it.

We’ll Repair Your Leaks And Help Prevent Future Problems

There’s no real way to make your chimney impervious to leaks. But there are some ways to make it much, much harder for water to make its way into your chimney system:

Application Of A Waterproofing Sealant
Guaranteed Chimney Service can apply a special waterproofing sealant to your masonry that blocks water but still allows vapors and gases to escape through the brick and mortar. The application of a water repellant not only helps keep water out of the system, it also helps protect and preserve your masonry in general. We find waterproofing to be an affordable and incredibly worthwhile investment into your chimney and home.

Installation Of Chimney Caps And Top-Sealing Dampers
Chimneys without chimney caps are more likely to allow water into the flue, so if you don’t have a cap, it’s highly recommended that you get one. Guaranteed Chimney Service technicians can properly size and install the perfect chimney cap for your flue, which will help encourage water, animals, and debris to keep out of your chimney’s opening.

A top-sealing damper is another helpful protective measure. Throat dampers, installed lower in your flue, can help stop water from getting into the firebox when closed. But a top-sealing damper is placed at the very top of your flue, and thoroughly seals the opening, so it provides far better protection against water (and boosts energy efficiency).

If you suspect you have a chimney leak or you simply want to take precautions against leaks, call Guaranteed Chimney Service. We’ll make the right repairs, the right way, and help you protect your chimney system from the damaging effects of water.


We do all kinds of chimney and fireplace installations, and you can count on our professional, quality service to get the job done right with no fuss. Trust Guaranteed Chimney Service for your chimney and fireplace needs.

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