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Be Proactive In Caring For Your Chimney — Waterproofing Works!

If you’ve had trouble with chimney leaks in the past (and even if you haven’t), having a waterproofing sealant applied to your masonry is one of the best things you can do to protect and preserve your chimney system.

Cracked mortar

Masonry is a naturally porous building material, which is advantageous for chimney function, because it allows water vapors and other gases to vent through. But water can also seep into the brick and mortar from the outside, which can lead to extensive decay and damage.

Time and weather can wear down masonry, allowing excess moisture absorption. In other words, the eroding masonry starts to act almost like a sponge, sucking water in toward the interior of your chimney. The water absorbed can then wear down joints and get into small cracks (where it freezes and expands), widening the cracks into troublesome gaps and voids. These gaps and voids not only open your home up to the elements, they greatly diminish the safety of your chimney system and put your family at high risk for a fire.

If You’re Thinking, “I Can Just Paint It”, Let Us Tell You Why That’s A Bad Idea

If your chimney’s masonry is absorbing water, applying latex house paint to the exterior is not the solution. Sure, it might keep water from penetrating the masonry, but it would also stop vapors and gases from being expelled. Applying a latex paint may help with outside moisture – but you’ll still have a moisture problem on your hands.

A Specialized Waterproofing Sealant That’s 100% Vapor-Permeable!

So what should you do? Have a waterproofing sealant professionally applied! At Guaranteed Chimney Service, we regularly work with waterproofing sealants that are specifically designed for chimney masonry and will thoroughly repel water. Because they are designed specifically for chimney masonry, they are also 100 percent vapor-permeable, allowing vapors and gases to make their way out. Having a waterproofing sealant applied helps prevent water problems, and provides your masonry with a suit of armor that allows it to do its job for far longer without wearing down. We’ve found that chimneys armed with a waterproofing sealant provide homeowners with many more years of frustration-free service, which is the way it should be!

Complete Waterproofing


Most people don’t realize what is happening to their chimney. We challenge you to inspect your chimney for signs of water damage, cracking, missing or “popped” bricks, damaged mortar joints, brick mortar separation, staining etc. If you see anything like then call Guaranteed Chimney services live customer support for an appointment for an inspection by our trained professional crews. Inspections fees may be credited to future work. What’s really going on is Mother Nature Wreaks Havoc on metal and chimney producs. Brick is porous and absorbs water while mortar is water soluble. Either way, when it freezes the trouble starts. Worse yet, when you experience repeated freeze and thaw periods, well not much hope for modern materials.

We fix leaky chimneys, lots of them. We do it with a suite of products designed to work in conjunction with each other 100% satisfaction.

Specialized products for the top, vertical surfaces and each and every mortar joint. All that and now you see your chimney the same way as before and now you have avoided very costly masonry repairs by preventing or fixing them early on.

An ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure.

Guaranteed Chimney Service would love to help you put the focus back on enjoying your chimney system, not worrying about leaks. If you’d like to find out more about our waterproofing process or would like to schedule an appointment, give us a call at 631-288-9009 or click here to contact us online.


Damaged or improperly-installed flashing is a common source of chimney leaks. Let our experienced crew take a look and help you come up with a plan for getting it fixed today.

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