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Pre fab chimney

A pre-fabricated or “factory-built” chimney is the type of chimney used in lieu of a traditional masonry brick chimney.  It is a metal chimney, built in a factory that comes in sections and is installed by our technicians to vent factory-built fireplaces,  oil burners and gas furnaces.  Unlike masonry brick chimneys, pre-fabricated chimneys are more affordable in terms of labor costs and can be installed in a fraction of the time it takes to build a brick chimney.

Since pre-fabricated chimneys are lighter than masonry chimneys, you’ll also have more installation options than you would with a masonry unit. Because of a masonry system’s total weight, it will need to be built on a concrete footing that can stand up to the weight of the bricks and mortar — but pre-fabricated chimneys won’t require a footing, giving you placement flexibility.

Factory-built chimneys are also advantageous because they have been subjected to strict standards of efficiency and safety, and tested to make sure they reach those standards. When you buy a pre-fabricated chimney, you can expect a well-constructed chimney with a proven track record for safety and efficiency and a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty.

Note: The manufacturer will typically only guarantee the pre-fabricated chimney if it was professionally installed, and is being used as intended, with the approved corresponding heating appliance.

Chimney Chases Can Make A Prefabricated Unit Beautiful, Too

On the downside, pre-fabricated chimneys tend to leave much to be desired, visually. But Guaranteed Chimney Service can build a chimney chase around your pre-fabricated unit for added protection and an enhanced appearance.

chimney chase

Chases surround a factory-built chimney to keep water away from the flue, and can be finished to either match the siding of the home or to look like a traditional stone or brick masonry chimney. Whether you prefer a facade of siding or a strong and attractive masonry look, we can get the job done, and leave your pre-fabricated chimney beautiful and well-protected.

Guaranteed Chimney Service would love to install your pre-fabricated chimney and build a chimney chase to complement it! To schedule your appointment or to discuss the options with one of our knowledgeable technicians, please call us at 631-288-9009.


Refractory fireplaces are an additional choice in pre-fabricated units. Ask us about the advantages of this type of installation today to see if it’s right for you.

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