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Chimney Crown Repair

If you look at your chimney on the outside, the first thing you’ll see at the very top is a metal chimney cap, and just below it, a chimney crown. Both are part of your chimney’s system of water protection — together, they’re the uppermost defenses against the damage precipitation can bring to your chimney and fireplace.

The chimney crown, in particular, can be susceptible to damage, because it’s built out of masonry and it’s in the direct line of elemental attack. When summer brings heat and torrential downpours, your chimney crown is bearing the brunt of it. When winter snow piles on, your chimney crown is holding its share.

Chimney CrownMasonry is strong and durable, but it’s also water permeable, so all that moisture seeping in, combined with the effects of heat and sun, can begin to wear it down, causing small cracks. Those small cracks capture water, which freezes and expands, widening small cracks into large cracks. Before you know it, your chimney crown is unable to protect your system against water, and leaks and damage soon follow.

When your chimney crown begins to show signs of damage, Guaranteed Chimney Service can help, offering the repair approach that’s right for your chimney system and home, and your budget.

Different Degrees Of Chimney Crown Damage Will Require Different Kinds Of Repairs

Minimal Damage: Crown Coat Repair And Sealant

minimal crown damages

One of the key things your annual chimney inspections can provide is insight into chimney damage early on, when more affordable repairs will suffice to bring everything back to safe working order. During your annual inspection, Guaranteed Chimney Service’s technicians may find minor chimney crown damage, like hairline cracks or very early signs of spalling. In these cases, we can sometimes repair the chimney crown by making masonry repairs and sealing it with a waterproof sealant coat (which fills in small cracks and protects the crown against the intrusion of water).

More Extensive Damage Can Require Rebuilding The Chimney Crown

Extensive damage to crown

If the damage to your chimney crown is more severe — namely, large cracks or extensive spalling — the safest course of action is likely to be building a brand new masonry crown. Our technicians can build a new crown that’s designed to effectively direct water away from your flue opening and your chimney surfaces, and onto the roof and into your gutters. We can also apply a waterproofing sealant to the new crown that will preserve its service life and protect your system from the elements.

If your chimney crown needs to be repaired or rebuilt, call Guaranteed Chimney Service, today!


A poorly-designed or damaged firebox is a hazard to your health and safety, so ask Guaranteed Chimney Service about this type of masonry repair today to learn about your options.

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