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We Provide Sweeping Services For Pellet, Oil & Gas Appliances

Appliances that burn different types of fuels create different kinds of byproducts, from creosote to oil soot. But regardless of what those byproducts are, their presence isn’t ideal and can contribute to the degradation of your flue or become a fire hazard. Regular sweeping and regular inspections help keep your flue clean, clear, and efficient. If you have a heating appliance in your home — whether it’s a fireplace, stove, water heater, furnace, or boiler — Guaranteed Chimney Service can help you keep it, and its chimney, in top working order.

What To Expect From Different Types Of Fuels

Guaranteed Chimney Service installs, repairs, and maintains heating appliances and chimneys, regardless of fuel type. If your appliance uses wood pellets, oil, or gas, here are a few things you should know about their maintenance:

Pellet-Burning Appliances
Homeowners who choose pellet-burning appliances often do so because they like the idea of wood, but prefer something more convenient and more efficient. Pellet-burning stoves are generally considered some of the most efficient wood-burning appliances you can get. But like any system in your home, a pellet-burning appliance and chimney will require some maintenance. The chimney venting your appliance should be routinely cleaned, and you’ll also want to regularly have the hopper (which feeds the pellets into the stove), ash traps, exhaust pipes, and other parts cleaned, to make sure that debris and deposits don’t lead to damage. Our technicians have years of experience maintaining pellet appliances– let us help keep yours at its best!

Oil Appliances
The most commonly noted visible byproduct of combustion in oil-burning appliances is generally referred to as oil soot (unburned sulfur and carbon). It can build up on the flue walls and, if left neglected, eventually constrict the flow of flue gases. One of these gases is carbon monoxide, which, if it can’t flow properly up and out of the flue, may double back into the home. Regular cleaning can help avoid that.

Gas Appliances
Combustion in a gas appliance results in corrosive, acidic condensate, which eats away at the liner and mortar, resulting in debris blockages in the flue. Blockages, again, can prevent the flue from venting gases properly. A proper cleaning can ensure that debris and deposits aren’t keeping your flue from doing its job.

Do you have a pellet-burning, gas-burning or oil-burning appliance in your home? Call Guaranteed Chimney Service to schedule your annual sweeping, today!


Glazed creosote is more difficult to remove than regular creosote and its removal requires special tools, chemicals and a lot of patience. We provide this service when needed as part of our chimney sweeping expertise.

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