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We Install Custom Flashing For Optimal Protection!

Your chimney system has a smart and complex design, which is designed for safety, efficiency, and self-preservation. One of the most damaging elements that a chimney needs protection from is water, and custom flashing can help!

Flashing is installed around the entire chimney where it rises up out of the roof. Metal strips are custom-sized and -shaped to seal and protect the joints between the chimney and the roof. Not only does flashing provide layers of protection to these vulnerable areas, it also encourages water to move away from these joints and off of the roof.

Due To Storm Damage And Corrosion, Flashing Can Be Weakened Or Rendered Ineffective

Depending on the materials your flashing is composed of, a couple of different factors can contribute to flashing problems.

Galvanized metal flashing is susceptible to rust and corrosion, so over time, this type of flashing can begin to break down and allow water into the system. If this is the cause of your leak problems, we’ll recommend replacing your existing flashing with more durable stainless steel or, depending on your taste and budget, copper.

Regardless of the material, flashing can sometimes be damaged by bad storms, just like any other part of the exterior of your home. Some of the metal strips that make up your flashing can be dented, ripped, or torn off by strong winds, or the high-quality caulking used to seal certain flashing edges can loosen or come off. This type of flashing damage may require repairs or even replacement.

When Your Flashing Is Damaged, Call A Guaranteed Chimney Service Professional

From the outside, flashing may look like a few simple layers of metal strips, but it’s actually a complex design that should be customized for each individual chimney. In order to have a truly watertight seal, it is imperative that the flashing be custom-fitted and properly installed.

If Guaranteed Chimney Service technicians install or repair your flashing, we’ll custom-size strips of L-shaped step flashing, which is installed into your roof shingles to form the first layer of protection. Over the step flashing, counter flashing is installed into the mortar joints, protecting the step flashing and creating a cohesive barrier. Joints are then carefully caulked, and your chimney and roofline are equipped to fend off water.

Flashing installation is precision work that takes experience and know-how, and at Guaranteed Chimney Service, we have both.

If you need chimney flashing installed or repaired, call Guaranteed Chimney Service at 631-288-9009.


Waterproofing your chimney is like giving it a suit of armor to keep out water. This protective coating makes a lot of sense for preventing chimney leaks.

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