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Fireplace Installation

If you’re thinking about having a new fireplace installed in your home, we don’t need to tell you how much enjoyment it can add, giving your family and friends a place to warm up and spend time together.

But it can’t hurt to point out the practical benefits, particularly if you think you may want to sell your home someday. You’ll find no shortage of figures from the realty industry that point out how desirable fireplaces are to potential home buyers. For example, The National Association of Home Builders asked new home buyers to note the features they desired most, and those folks picked outdoor living spaces first, with fireplaces immediately following as their second most-desired feature. If you want to make sure your investment has a selling edge, fireplaces are the way to go.

But while you’re in your home, Guaranteed Chimney Service wants you to get as much enjoyment out of your new fireplace as possible. We’ll not only build or install a functional and efficient fireplace for you – we’ll build or install a beautiful one! Let’s talk about the looks you love, and create a fireplace that matches the vision you have for your space!

Let’s Talk About Fuel

Your preferences and your lifestyle will dictate what type of fireplace fuel makes the most sense for your home. Wood and gas each have their own benefits — it just depends on what you want and what you need.

Wood: Charming, Cost-Effective And Consistent
The charm of a wood-burning fireplace is hard to deny — the gentle crackle and smell of a wood fire brings so many of us back to childhood campfires, making s’mores, and sipping cocoa. But wood units have a lot of practical draws as well. As a fuel source, wood can be plentiful, as well as affordable — plus, it’s a renewable resource. There’s also peace of mind in knowing that, should you lose power during a brutal winter storm, you can still use your wood-burning fireplace as a heat source to keep warm and cozy. There is, however, some work involved in using and maintaining a wood fireplace. You’ll have to cut or buy and stack wood, build fires, clean ash, and make sure to have the chimney regularly cleaned to keep up with creosote build-up.

Gas: Clean, Efficient And Easy
Many homeowners these days choose to have gas fireplaces installed, which makes sense, considering our busy lifestyles. Gas fireplaces are admired for their convenience – these units typically only require the homeowner to push a button or flip a switch in order to enjoy a fire. While regular maintenance is necessary with a gas unit, there’s definitely a lot less of it use-to-use work involved, so busy families can really benefit.

Let Guaranteed Chimney Service add a beautiful, functional new fireplace to your home – tell us about your lifestyle and preferences, and we’ll install or build the perfect unit for you. Call and make an appointment, today!


Chimney caps provide amazing protection against the unwanted intrusion of water, animals and debris. We can show you the choices for this type of fireplace and chimney installation.

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