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The Importance Of The Damper

Each chimney is built with a damper, which is installed to stop air from flowing through the flue when the fireplace is not in use. One of the damper’s main jobs is to prevent conditioned air-, heat-, and energy-loss, by sealing off the flue. The damper also joins with a variety of other parts in your chimney to help prevent water from getting into the system. And the more protection you have against water, the better.

Unfortunately, throat-style dampers commonly rust into place or deteriorate, making them completely ineffective and inefficient. A damaged or stuck damper means that you’re losing part of your chimney’s protection, and losing a lot of its efficiency. When you need a new damper, call Guaranteed Chimney Service — we can recommend and install great energy-top dampers that will provide consistent protection and increased energy savings.

What’s The Difference Between A Throat Damper And An Energy-Top Damper?

If you have an older chimney, odds are you have what’s referred to as a throat damper. Located in the “throat” of the system, just above the firebox, throat dampers can do a pretty good job of closing off the flue when in good condition. But since they’re made with a metal plate that opens and shuts, these dampers won’t make the flue airtight, and if water does get into your system, it can corrode the metal plate, rendering your throat damper useless. Throat dampers also sometimes get stuck because of debris, or get jostled off of their track.

When a homeowner has a damaged or corroded throat damper, we generally recommend an energy-top damper, which is installed at the top of the flue — an optimal place for blocking off the transfer of air and the intrusion of water. These dampers have a gasket that completely seals off the flue, so water protection is far better, and energy savings are much higher.

If Guaranteed Chimney Service technicians find a damaged throat damper during an inspection or cleaning, we can quickly replace it with an energy-top damper. But if you find that a stuck damper in between regular maintenance visits (particularly if it’s stuck in the closed-position), call us! Guaranteed Chimney Service can install a durable and efficient energy-top damper that will keep your system protected. Give us a call today, at 631-288-9009.


You may want to explore the advantages of a pre-fabricated chimney unit. The installation of pre-fabricated systems is all part of our day’s work at Guaranteed Chimney Service.

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