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The anatomy of your chimney system can seem a bit foreign, and it’s hard to know, just by looking at the names, what function each part has. But the firebox, that’s obvious enough, even if you haven’t spent years studying chimney construction, as the technicians at Guaranteed Chimney Service have.

Your firebox is the boxy structure that actually holds the fires you build in your fireplace. It’s easy enough to see that a role like that requires strength — nothing in your system is being asked to stand up to such a direct heat attack, so it’s important that your firebox be properly built with materials designed to endure that heat. If a firebox is poorly designed or maintained, it could easily break down, presenting serious dangers. Because of its proximity to the fire, if cracks or gaps appear in your firebox, they could allow heat to transfer to the combustible materials in the walls surrounding your fireplace. And if enough of that heat gets through, it could easily cause a house fire.

It’s important (for the safety of your home and family) to have a strong, dependable firebox, and our technicians can make sure that yours is in good condition to provide many more years of warm, safe, and enjoyable fires. If you see cracks or gaps in your firebox masonry, call us — we can examine the firebox and suggest ways to safely and properly repair it.

Some Of The Issues That Can Lead To Firebox Damage

  • Water intrusion: The intrusion of water can damage pretty much every part of your chimney system, including the firebox. Water running down into the firebox can contribute to the deterioration of mortar joints, and once those joints begin to erode, the high heat of the fire will cause the deterioration to quickly progress. Water can also cause the firebox’s firebrick to weaken or start spalling. Making sure that your chimney system’s defenses against water are in proper condition can help you avoid firebox damage.
  • Home and land settling: Unfortunately, homes settle over time — there isn’t really anything you can do to stop that natural occurrence. But your masonry fireplace and chimney will be able to weather that settling more efficiently if they’ve been properly installed, with a concrete footing that stabilizes and stands up to their weight. Even then, it’s not uncommon for cracks to appear in a firebox over time with a settling home, but at Guaranteed Chimney Service, our technicians can repair cracks these cracks with detailed tuckpointing work.
  • Improper installation: Fireboxes need to be built with the right materials, including firebrick and refractory mortar (which are designed to hold strong against the immense heat of the fire built in your firebox). If your firebox was built using improper materials, it will undoubtedly begin to deteriorate. But don’t worry — Guaranteed Chimney Service can repair improperly-built fireboxes with the right materials, in the right way.

Do You Have A Factory-Built Fireplace? We Can Repair Those Fireboxes, Too!

Factory-built or prefabricated fireplaces have fireboxes made with refractory panels that are capable of holding up against hot fires. But it’s not uncommon for cracks to appear in these panels. If cracks appear in your refractory panels, call Guaranteed Chimney Service – we can restore the safety of your firebox by replacing your cracked refractory panels in no time!

If your firebox needs repairs or needs to be rebuilt, call Guaranteed Chimney Service at 631-288-9009, and make an appointment with one of our experienced technicians!


A missing or damaged chimney crown can lead to more serious and expensive damage. Call on Guaranteed Chimney Service sooner rather than later to make this chimney and masonry repair.

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