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When It Comes To Chimney Repairs & Masonry – We’re Experts!

When the need for repairs in your chimney or fireplace arises, it helps to have a trusted source that you can turn to for dependable, expert service. Guaranteed Chimney Service aims to be that source for our customers. Our technicians can handle all kinds of chimney repairs, from detailed tuckpointing work to relining a chimney flue.

If you have an issue that needs correcting, call us — Guaranteed Chimney Service’s technicians are dedicated to providing the kind of work that lives up to our name.

Some Of The Many Chimney Repair And Masonry Services We Can Help With

Firebox Repair
If years of use have taken their toll on the mortar joints or firebrick in your firebox, Guaranteed Chimney Service can bring it back to its former glory. Tuckpointing work and firebox rebuilds are two of our specialties!

Chimney Crowns
The chimney crown is an important part of your system’s protection against water, so a cracked or spalling crown can quickly lead to water damage. If your crown has seen better days, call Guaranteed Chimney Service – we can assess the damage to your crown and suggest the best repair approach, from a crown coat sealant to a full crown rebuild.

Chimneys Relined
Your chimney’s liner is protecting your masonry and your home from dangerous gases and high heat. The liner is also an important part of your chimney’s function — for adequate draft, a properly-sized liner is a must. If your liner is damaged, missing, or incompatibly-sized for your appliance, Guaranteed Chimney Service can help. We install all kinds of liners, from stainless steel to cast-in-place.

Oil & Gas Relining
Your oil and gas appliances need a proper flue liner just as much as wood-burning appliances do, and checking for proper flue sizing when replacing an old boiler or water heater with a new one is of particular importance. If you’re unsure of the condition of your oil or gas flue liner, give us a call today!

Chimney Leaks
Guaranteed Chimney Service technicians know chimneys inside and out — we can inspect your chimney to find the issues contributing to leaks, and make the necessary repairs so that you can enjoy a safe chimney and a dry home.

Having a waterproofing sealant applied to your masonry can help you avoid leaks and protect your masonry to give it a longer service life. Talk to our technicians about the benefits!

Damaged flashing is a common cause of chimney leaks, since flashing is protecting the chimney at one of its most vulnerable areas (the place where the chimney and roofline meet). Guaranteed Chimney Service’s technicians do the detailed, custom work of installing and repairing chimney flashing every day — if your flashing is damaged, we can help!

For all your chimney and masonry repair needs, call Guaranteed Chimney Service. Our experienced technicians can help!


Since you can’t see its inside surface, you may not know whether your chimney needs to be relined. That’s just one of the issues that can be uncovered with regular chimney inspections and service.

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Why Choose Guaranteed?

  • Expertise - This is what we do! We focus 100% of our business on all things chimney related. You could even say we are "chimney geeks".
  • Safety, Safety, Safety! - Your safety is our number one priority. We take no shortcuts. We're your neighbors! The owner and crew live, work and play in Eastern Long Island.
  • CSIA Certified Technicians - You get the guys who know right from wrong. Our technicians have been educated, tested and certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. There's more to a simple chimney sweep than meets the eye. An educated technician can spot a potential problem and recommend the correct repair - not just sell you something you don't need.
  • Reliable - we keep our appointments. We know your time is valuable. When you schedule an appointment with us, we show up! If unavoidable changes happen, we'll call you.

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