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Oil & Gas Relining Services


If you’re burning fuel in an appliance, you’re producing combustion byproducts, and those byproducts need to go somewhere. Your chimney helps those byproducts on their way to the preferable “somewhere,” which is outside your home. All this is true, whether you’re using a wood-burning fireplace, an oil-burning boiler, or a gas-burning water heater.

Your oil and gas appliances vent through a chimney, so they need to have a properly-functioning chimney liner in order to safely and efficiently operate. There are a few different reasons why you might need to reline the chimney venting your oil and gas appliance – and if you do need a new liner, Guaranteed Chimney Service can provide you with a safely-relined flue that meets your needs and stands up to the harsh byproducts of oil and gas.

Burning Oil And Gas Produces Different Byproducts

Cracked flue tiles

While creosote is the troubling byproduct we talk about most when it comes to wood-burning appliances, we have different concerns with your oil and gas appliances. The deposits that result from burning oil and gas are acidic, corrosive condensates, and it’s not uncommon for those deposits to damage or begin to break down a flue liner. This is particularly true with clay tile liners, which can degrade and crumble as the acids eat at the clay. This kind of damage will bring a need for a new flue liner in order to safely use the appliance.

We’ve found that the most effective solution when venting gas and oil-burning appliances is to install a durable stainless steel liner. These — particularly when properly maintained with regular cleanings — hold up well to gas and oil byproducts and tend to provide years of worry-free service. When installed by the certified technicians at Guaranteed Chimney Service, stainless steel liners also carry excellent warranties.

New Appliances Also Often Bring The Need For A New Flue Liner

Unlined flue

When installing a new gas- or oil-burning appliance, liner changes are often required. It’s absolutely possible to vent a new, energy-efficient gas or oil appliance through an existing chimney, but these newer appliances tend to function very differently from the appliances of old – as a result, their needs also tend to be very different. Energy-efficient appliances let much less heat go to waste than older appliances, but a certain amount of heat is necessary for draft to pull byproducts up through the chimney. Newer appliances are designed to use a specifically-sized flue that will work with it to create the proper degree of draft.

The most effective way to resize an existing chimney to work with a new appliance is to add a new stainless steel liner. These can be installed in the exact size required by the new appliance, in order to create proper draft, and proper, safe function.

If your oil- or gas-venting chimney needs a new liner, Guaranteed Chimney Service can help. Call us and make an appointment with our experienced technicians, today!

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