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We Remove Glazed Creosote

glazed creosote

By and large, creosote is dark gray or brown, fluffy or flaky, and light enough that it can be properly removed using our special cleaning brushes. But in some chimneys, “glazed creosote” can develop, which is far more difficult to remove and takes much more than your standard chimney sweeping process to properly get rid of.

Glazed creosote starts out like a gummy or tar-like liquid, and then hardens into a black, shiny glaze that settles on your flue walls like burnt sugar on a metal pan. When it comes to ridding a chimney of glazed creosote, regular chimney sweep tools just won’t do — it would be like taking a regular, dry sponge to that sugary metal pan; all the elbow grease in the world just wouldn’t make a dent. But creosote is highly flammable and dangerous, and absolutely needs to be removed. If glazed creosote is left alone, it can easily start a house fire.

To remove glazed creosote properly, specially-formulated chemical products are used, which loosen up the glaze and make it possible to clean. Glazed creosote removal also requires patient, painstaking work, in order to get the flue as clean as possible, while minimizing damage. Guaranteed Chimney Service technicians are trained to handle glazed creosote removal carefully and correctly.

A Word About The Damaging Properties Of Glazed Creosote

Proper glazed creosote removal processes were designed to rid the flue of buildup as much as possible, with as little damage to the liner as possible. But glazed creosote often accompanies cracked liner tiles, and as the creosote is removed, pieces of the damaged tiles often come off with it. Small flue fires that burn and then go out without alerting the homeowner to their presence are very common with glazed creosote, and almost invariably result in cracked liner tiles. Our technicians are trained to remove glazed creosote with the utmost care, but uncovering cracked tiles is unfortunately common.

Some Usage Practices That Can Lead To Glazed Creosote In A Flue

Glazed creosote begins to coat a flue when creosote develops and layers rapidly — so rapidly that the previous layer doesn’t have the chance to dry before the next layer settles. During this process, creosote settles over still-wet layers of creosote, and before you know it, you have a shiny, hard shell of flammable glaze that won’t easily come off.

  • The most common contributor to glazed creosote is burning non-seasoned wood and green wood. There’s a far higher moisture content in wood that hasn’t been properly dried, so fires burn much cooler than they should and produce far more creosote. Burning only seasoned cordwood can help cut down on creosote production.
  • Neglecting to completely open the damper when the fireplace is in use can also contribute to creosote production, so be sure to check your damper’s position and condition before each fire.
  • Improperly-sized flues can also lead to glazed creosote formation. A flue that’s too large will inhibit and slow down the system’s draft, leaving combustion byproducts to cool in the flue for longer periods of time. If you’ve added a new appliance to an existing chimney, but didn’t have the flue size checked for compatibility, let Guaranteed Chimney Service take a look.

If you’re experiencing problems with glazed creosote in your chimney, Guaranteed Chimney Service can remove the glaze and suggest ways for you to avoid its development in the future. Call Guaranteed Chimney Service and make an appointment with our experienced technicians!


Wood-burning appliances need regular chimney sweeping to maintain safe operation. At Guaranteed Chimney Service, we can make sure the job is done right.

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