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Your chimney is a system of safeguards: parts designed to protect your home and the people in it; parts designed to protect the chimney itself; and parts that work to do both. You want your chimney to be able to do its important work of venting harmful gases and byproducts from your home, and you want it to last. Part of preserving your chimney system and making sure it’s functioning efficiently and safely, is making sure that your flue liner is in peak condition.

The flue liner is designed to create proper draft in your chimney, so the byproducts of combustion will move up and out of your home. By ushering harmful byproducts out, your flue liner also protects your family from exposure to toxic carbon monoxide, and protects your masonry from the harsh effects of those byproducts (not to mention the intense heat). In other words, the liner is something of an MVP, helping the chimney to work efficiently, and allowing you and your family to safely enjoy it for years to come.

Considering what the flue liner is responsible for, a faulty one is a serious problem. Cracks and gaps in your liner can allow heat to reach nearby combustible materials, or let poisonous gases into your home. Without the protection of your liner, the chimney masonry is also exposed to more damage.

If a chimney inspection or other visit reveals a damaged flue liner, count on Guaranteed Chimney Service to return your chimney to its proper, safe state. We can gauge the damage, suggest the proper repairs or replacement, and leave your home with a safe and lasting flue liner.

We Install All Different Types Of Flue Liners

The most common type of flue liner has traditionally been clay tile, and these also end up being the type we most often repair or replace. Clay liners that have damaged mortar joints or cracked tiles can be replaced with several different kinds of liners, including stainless steel and cast-in-place.

Stainless steel liners hold up well to heat and corrosive gases produced by combustion, and can be the ideal choice if a flue needs to be resized for a new, energy-efficient appliance venting through an existing chimney.

Many in the industry consider cast-in-place, concrete-like liners to be the most permanent choice in flue liners, and with proper installation, these leave you with a smooth and strong, smoke-tight and airtight liner.

Oil & Gas Relining

If the chimney venting your oil or gas appliance needs to be relined — either for resizing purposes or because of damage — Guaranteed Chimney Service can help!

Whatever your liner type, Guaranteed Chimney Service has the knowledge and experience to reline or repair it. Call us at 631-288-9009, and make an appointment with our experienced technicians today!


Don’t let chimney leaks become your worst nightmare of expensive repairs. Call us promptly if you suspect a chimney leak and let our service experts take a look and discuss the options with you.

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  • CSIA Certified Technicians - You get the guys who know right from wrong. Our technicians have been educated, tested and certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. There's more to a simple chimney sweep than meets the eye. An educated technician can spot a potential problem and recommend the correct repair - not just sell you something you don't need.
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