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The Reason For Chimney Caps

Your senses will typically tell you when there’s something in your chimney that isn’t supposed to be. Hearing “Drip, drip, drip”? You have a leak. Hearing “cheep, cheep, cheep”? You’ve got some new feathered friends sharing your home with you. But by the time you hear or see the signs of intrusion, you may be in need of some pretty expensive and involved repairs. To protect your chimney system from intruders and prevent chimney damage, you’d be wise to have a properly-sized chimney cap professionally installed. When it comes to both water and animals, not having a chimney cap is akin to an open invitation.

Water: Don’t Allow It In

Without a cap, your flue is open to the elements — so when it rains or snows, that precipitation is welcomed right into your flue. Once moisture is in your chimney, it will contribute to the erosion of your masonry, the corrosion of your damper; the decay of your firebox; the deterioration of your flue liner, etc. But with a professionally-installed and maintained chimney cap, water will be diverted, and your chimney’s opening will be protected.

Animals: They Bring More Than Noise

Having animals in your chimney isn’t just an annoyance — it can be dangerous, too. Nesting birds and mammals will bring in flammable debris to make up their nests, which tend to be very flammable, and can block off your flue and catch fire if not removed. These animals can also bring in unsanitary bugs and smells, and oftentimes die trapped inside of the chimney.

Birds can be particularly tricky. If chimney swifts — which are federally protected and quite fond of chimneys — choose your chimney as a home, you’ll have a longer-term problem than you might expect. By law, you can’t remove nesting chimney swifts from your home, and neither can we. They’ll eventually leave on their own, but you’ll have to wait it out. And if you don’t take preventative measures after they leave, you can expect to see them again — chimney swifts are known for returning to the same chimney year after year.

Chimney Caps: Functional And Visually-Appealing

Quality chimney caps have several protective benefits, but they can also improve your home’s curb appeal. At Guaranteed Chimney Service, we sell and install only the highest quality, most visually appealing chimney caps, multi-flue caps and chase covers.


Our stainless steel caps provide years of protection – so they are definitely worth the investment.

If you need a new chimney cap installed, don’t hesitate to call us at 631-288-9009 –we’ll be more than happy to discuss the many options with you!


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