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Chimney Smoking and Draft Problems

Chimneys aren’t built to let the byproducts of combustion escape into your home. They’re built and designed to make those byproducts move up and out of your living area. The effect that pulls smoke, gases, and small debris up and out of your home is called draft, and it’s vital that proper draft exists in your chimney. Otherwise, the byproducts of combustion won’t exit the home quickly, and smoke and dangerous gases can billow back into the room, making it dangerous and unpleasant to use your appliance.

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If you’ve noticed smoke and draft problems with your system, Guaranteed Chimney Service can help you figure out the cause. It could be something simple, or it could be the result of an improperly-designed or poorly-built system. Give Guaranteed Chimney Service a call — we’ll get to the bottom of your smoke and draft problems, and offer smart solutions.

Common Issues That Lead To Draft Problems

The causes of draft or smoke problems can range from user error that’s easily corrected, to construction problems that will require some time and work to straighten out. Guaranteed Chimney Service’s technicians have the experience to tell the difference — we can fix any draft problems, and will never recommend unnecessary repairs.

Some Simple Causes

  • Your damper isn’t fully opened: Every time you use your appliance, the flue damper should be open. After the fire has completely gone out, it can be closed again. If you’re lighting fires with a closed flue, smoke and draft problems are inevitable. If your flue is stuck in the closed position, it isn’t safe to use your fireplace — call us, we can repair or replace it.
  • Your house is so well-sealed, the chimney can’t get enough air: Our modern, energy-efficient homes can be really effective at cutting down on the air transfer between the inside and outside. But that doesn’t always have the best effect on your chimney’s draft. If the smoking or draft issues stop when you open a window or door, it might be that a lack of combustion air is your problem.
  • Your flue is too cold: A cold flue can hold back draft — try lighting a rolled-up paper cone and holding it up above the firebox. “Priming” the flue in this way can help cut down on smoke.
  • The flue needs to be cleaned: Flues that have significant creosote build-up or are blocked with debris can stop venting properly. Guaranteed Chimney Service can inspect your flue for blockages and, if necessary, sweep the flue to restore the draft and eliminate smoke issues.

Some More Involved Issues

  • The flue is the wrong size for the appliance: For proper draft to occur, your appliance needs to have the right-sized flue connected to it. A flue that’s too big leads to excessive creosote build-up; a flue that’s too small won’t be conducive to proper draft.
  • The chimney is the wrong height: A chimney that’s too short will have a low draft, and might even be pulling air down into your home (leading to a backflow of smoke).
  • Wind-related downdrafts are affecting your chimney: Heavy winds can force air down into your chimney, puffing smoke back into your home. Properly-sized and installed chimney caps can help eliminate this problem.

These are just a few of the smoking and drafting situations our technicians regularly see. When our technicians come to your home, they will assess your individual circumstances and system, and work to enhance your draft and eliminate your smoke problems.

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Chimney and masonry repairs require special knowledge and skills and should not be left to the inexperienced. Call on the experts at Guaranteed Chimney Service for the best results with these skilled chimney services.

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