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Why Your Chimney Cap Is So Important!

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When it comes to your fireplace components, few are as important as the chimney cap. The chimney cap protects the entire chimney system by keeping the fireplace and flue free from animals, moisture, and debris. While it may seem like just a decorative way to top your chimney, the chimney cap is responsible for keeping the rest of your fireplace system burning safely and efficiently!

Why your chimney cap is so important - Westhampton Beach NY - Guaranteed Chimney

What is a chimney cap?

A chimney cap is a fitted metal hood that covers and protects the top of the flue. With a solid top and mesh sides, chimney caps allow smoke and gas to safely vent from the chimney while preventing unwanted water, animals, and debris from getting in.

While chimney caps have an important purpose, they don’t have to be Spartan or utilitarian. More and more, homeowners are choosing to create custom built chimney caps; not only do these pieces protect your fireplace system, but they can also reflect the style of your home.

How chimney caps protect your fireplace

Whether it was factory made or custom built, chimney caps have an important purpose: protecting the fireplace and flue from outside elements while still allowing smoke and gas to vent safely. The following are four ways that chimney caps help to protect your fireplace.

  • Keep animals out: Animals from tiny chimney swallows, to large raccoons all view chimneys as a safe place to nest, hide, or escape from predators. Unfortunately, most animals become disoriented and trapped once they get in; not only can this cause damage to delicate interior fireplace components, but this can also lead to the injury or death of the animal. The mesh sides of the chimney cap act as a deterrent, keeping even the smallest swifts out of the chimney.
  • Keep debris out: Chimney caps can help keep debris out of the chimney. This commonly means leaves and branches from nearby trees, but can even include blowing trash, stray balls, and Frisbees. Keeping this debris out of the chimney prevents blockages and damage to the interior tiles of the chimney flue liner.
  • Keep moisture out: The exterior of the chimney may be built to withstand the elements, but the delicate interior components are not. Dampers, flue tile liners, fireplace masonry, and other fireplace components can all be damaged by moisture. The chimney cap keeps water and moisture out, protecting your entire chimney system against moisture damage.
  • Keep sparks in: While there are three things that chimney caps need to keep out, there is also one important thing they need to keep in – sparks. Sometimes known as spark arrestors for their ability to stop stray embers from flying onto the roof, chimney caps can help reduce the risk of roof fire from stray sparks from a fire.

The chimney cap is one of the most important components of your fireplace. For more information on chimney caps or to schedule an appointment to check on the condition of your chimney cap, contact Guaranteed Chimney Service today!