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Inspection Time? Which Level?

Know the Levels of Chimney Inspection

Home owners with a fireplace and chimney exhaust, need to be well informed and aware of the responsibility that comes with the comfort of the warmth we enjoy. Negligence can result in unwanted incidents such as accidental fires, loss of property, health related problems and sickness. These are among a long list of things that can happen, but can easily be prevented by being wary of the dangers as well as the preventive measures to take so that we can maximize safety and performance.

This is why the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) have classified chimney inspections into categories which are called as level 1, level 2, and level 3. All three levels of inspection are classified accordingly to identify which given situation would require either a lower or higher degree of chimney inspection based on the particular specifications set by CSIA. Under each level, there is a defined criteria of materials used and whether there is a need for special tools or extreme measures, among other things.

Understanding the different objectives of each level of chimney inspection helps you make better choices.

Understanding the different objectives of each level of chimney inspection helps you make better choices.

More about the Levels of Inspection

The three levels are also ordered according to how severe a problem or solution is. It starts at level 1 with a routine inspection which is kind of like how you care for and maintain your vehicle. Level 1 inspection is the basic annual checkup of your fireplace and chimney; much like your car’s change oil as an example. This is best done on a regular basis at least once or twice a year. This would normally be recommended by a technician for as long as conditions of your fireplace have not changed since your last inspection. Limited basic evaluation is done, covering all accessible external and internal visible parts for any problems. Structural components are looked at and a test of your fireplace is also conducted without the need for specialized tools.

Level 2 inspection provides a thorough evaluation of your fireplace and chimney. Normally this is ordered by your technician if there was a problem found during the level 1 inspection. When there have been modifications to the heating system or events that might have caused damage to your flue, Level 2 is also to be advised. The inspection involves a more in depth check, including everything done in level 1 in addition to the inspection of all inaccessible areas by doing a video evaluation of your chimney and small or hidden areas of the house to clear out any sign of contamination, spread of harmful substances or leaks to other areas of the house.

Lastly is the Level 3 inspection known to be the most in depth level of inspection or shall we say the last resort. A level 3 inspection is ordered by the technician in the event that levels 1 and 2 both suggest a serious problem that was not visible or the root cause could not be found or determined. In this case the inspection technician will discuss with the homeowners the suspected problems and arrange the clearing of the area as level 3 may use explosives or other types of demolition in and around your chimney area to reveal the underlying causes.

Call for a Chimney Inspection

To make sure that your chimney and fireplace is always well-kept, call in the professionals from Guaranteed Chimney Services, Inc. Our technicians are duly licensed by the CSIA and equipped with the knowledge and skill to serve you the best possible way. As our company name suggests, it is our guarantee to bring quality service to our valued customers. We are here to help you!

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