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Advantages Of A Top Sealing Damper

If you’re looking for a way to improve fireplace performance and efficiency – without buying an entirely new unit – a top sealing damper may be for you. Top sealing dampers are becoming more popular as they can increase safety and efficiency – as well as save you money!

What is a top sealing damper?

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The majority of homes have traditional throat dampers; located at the top of the firebox, throat dampers separate the firebox from the rest of the flue. While the flue is closed off from the firebox, it is open at the top of the chimney to outside air.

Top sealing dampers are located at the top of the flue and chimney; this location allows them to completely seal off the entire chimney system when closed. By sealing off the entire flue to outside air, the damper is able to help your fireplace burn more safely and efficiently. Likewise, your new top sealing damper may even help you save money on your heating and cooling bills each month!

Benefits of a top sealing damper

While throat mounted and top sealing dampers both have similar functions in your fireplace system, the way they work can be very different. Below are four of the benefits of a top sealing damper.


  1. Keep animals out. Because the entire chimney is closed with an air tight seal, no animals can get into the chimney when the damper is closed. When open while the fireplace is in use, smoke, hot air, and wire sides prevent animals from getting in.
  2. Prevent clogged chimneys. A top sealing damper also acts as a chimney cap, there is a minimal risk of debris falling down and clogging the chimney. This is extremely important as a clogged chimney can cause a backup of dangerous gasses like carbon monoxide into your home.
  3. Reduce drafting. With the entire chimney shaft sealed to the outside, drafting is greatly reduced. This can prevent the “whistling” or rattling noises that come with air blowing down the chimney on windy days.
  4. Save money on heating and cooling costs. When the chimney is open to outside air, the temperature inside the chimney can fluctuate with the weather. This often causes rooms surrounding the chimney to be hotter or colder based on the temperature outside. Because a top sealing damper seals the entire chimney shaft, the air in the chimney is less susceptible to temperature changes; by keeping the air temperature constant, your heating and cooling systems are less likely to run to compensate.

Changing from a traditional throat damper to a more efficient top sealing damper is a great way to make your fireplace and chimney system safer – all while saving money each month on heating and cooling costs. For more information on how a top sealing damper can benefit you, contact Guaranteed Chimney Service today!

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