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How Winter Weather Affects Your Chimney in the Eastern Suffolk County Area

As the busy holiday season approaches, you may be tempted to skip your yearly chimney cleaning. However, doing so can increase the risks of chimney and house fires as well as other dangerous conditions that could affect you, your home, or your chimney. It is recommended by the Chimney Safety Institute of America that you have your chimney cleaned and inspected annually. One of many things a professional chimney sweep can do to protect your home is to remove dangerous creosote, which can cause chimney fires as well as prevent your chimney from properly ventilating. The experts at Guaranteed Chimney Services have the knowledge and experience to be able to inspect your chimney to check that it is prepared for winter and will keep you warm and safe.


If your chimney is not protected against water damage, your home and chimney are at risk, no matter what the season. Winter, however, is the worst time for your chimney to be affected by water. If your chimney is not protected by a waterproofing agent, the permeable materials of your chimney, such as brick or mortar, will absorb the water. In the winter, with cold temperatures, the water that enters the materials of your chimney will freeze and expand, creating cracks in your chimney. These cracks will become larger as the process repeats, eventually leading to irreparable damage to your chimney. Even if your chimney is not completely destroyed by the process, it can cost you a lot of money in repairs as well as render your home unsafe. If water is able to enter your home through your chimney, it can cause your damper assemblies to rust, which will lead to improper ventilation of your chimney. Water entering your home can also cause other significant problems such as staining and rot.

An expert from Guaranteed Chimney Services can take steps to protect your chimney and home from the freeze-thaw process of winter. A waterproofing agent can be applied to the outside of your chimney to prevent water from seeping into the materials of your chimney while still allowing the gases inside of your chimney out. He or she can also install a chimney cap to prevent water from entering your chimney in addition to other debris. A chimney cap will keep out animals looking for warmth as well as any environmental debris blown into the chimney by winter winds. It is important that your chimney be free from such debris so that it can properly ventilate. Proper ventilation ensures a decreased rate of creosote build up as well as that hazardous gasses are able to leave your home. A professional from Guaranteed Chimney Services will also be able to tell if your chimney has already been subject to damage and take the right steps to fix it so that your chimney is safe and efficient.

Call Guaranteed Chimney Services if you have not had your chimney cleaned and inspected yet this year, or if you think that your chimney is not properly prepared for the winter season. If you plan on using your chimney at all this winter, then it is important to the safety of your home that you have your chimney properly inspected and cleaned. The experts at Guaranteed Chimney Services will make sure that you are prepared for winter!