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Don’t Wait Until Fall To Have Your Chimney Swept

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During the hot summer months, few homeowners use their fireplaces and chimneys. Because of this, most people do not have chimney maintenance done during the summer, waiting until they’re ready to have use their fireplaces again in the fall to make any appointments.

Even though you’re not using your fireplace, summer is still a great time to have chimney maintenance done. Having chimney maintenance done now ensures that your fireplace system will be in good condition and ready to use again once the first cold snap of fall arrives.


Benefits of having your chimney swept in the summer

Because so few people use their fireplaces in the summer, most homeowners have an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to their heating appliances. Because of this, few homeowners have chimney maintenance done during the summer; this inevitably leads to a rush during the fall. Fall is the busiest time of year for chimney sweeps, which can make it extremely difficult to schedule an appointment at a convenient time.

In addition to being able to easily schedule an appointment without weeks of waiting, scheduling a summer chimney sweep also makes sure your chimney is safe and ready to use in the fall. This is especially important in case any additional repairs are necessary; if you wait until fall, your fireplace could be out of commission until repairs can be finished. By having repairs done now when your fireplace is not in use, you’ll be able to have full use of your fireplace as the weather cools down.

The importance of annual chimney maintenance

Many homeowners, especially those who do not regularly use their fireplaces, believe they do not need to have their chimneys regularly swept. Even more believe that they do not need to have chimney maintenance done unless they are experiencing issues. However, neither of these is true.

To keep your fireplace system in the best possible condition, your chimney should be swept and inspected at least once per year. This type of annual preventative maintenance ensures that your chimney system has not been damaged and is safe to continue using. It can also help reduce the number of safety hazards associated with fireplace systems, such as chimney fire.

How often should chimneys be swept?

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, chimneys should be swept at least once per year. Professional chimneys sweepings are important as they remove creosote, a highly flammable substance created by fuel burning fires that builds up in the flue.

Likewise, chimneys should also be swept any time there is a 1/8th of an inch of buildup of soot inside the flue. For homeowners using their fireplaces under normal conditions, this amount of buildup typically accumulates when burning one cord of wood. Because of this, homeowners that use their fireplaces as a primary heat source may need to have their chimneys swept more often.

This summer, don’t wait to have your chimney swept. Get a head start on chimney maintenance and have your chimney swept this summer to make sure it is ready to use in the fall. Contact Guaranteed Chimney Service today to schedule your chimney sweep appointment!