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The Common Causes for a Drafty Chimney and Solutions

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A drafty chimney can cause a number of problems, some of them uncomfortable or costly, and others potentially dangerous. Wind drafts that enter your house from your chimney can cause temperature fluctuation in your home. It also can cause heat loss, costing you more energy and money. On the other hand, if there is not enough draft to pull the chimney exhaust out of your house, toxic byproducts will stay in your home, posing a hazard to your health and life. The professionals at Guaranteed Chimney Services can inspect your chimney to find the source of your draft problem and fix it accordingly.


One common cause of a drafty chimney is creosote buildup. Not only does creosote cause ventilation problems, but as stated by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, it is highly flammable. Call Guaranteed Chimney Services to inspect for creosote buildup and sweep your chimney to prevent fires as well as to fix your ventilation problem if this is the cause. You should have your chimney swept at least once a year to prevent creosote from building up into glazed creosote, which is not only more of a fire hazard but is also impossible to remove from your chimney without the use of strong chemicals by a professional.

Another common cause of a drafty chimney is an incorrectly sized flue. A flue that is too big can cause creosote to build up, which is not only hazardous, but causes ventilation problems. A flue that is too small, on the other hand, won’t allow draft to function properly, causing exhaust to stay in your home. Guaranteed Chimney Services can help you to install either a new appliance or a flue that will allow for proper draft. They are professionals and are the people you want to talk to in order to determine the best way to maintain your chimney.

Having Guaranteed Chimney Services install a cap or damper for your chimney will also prevent draft problems in addition to preventing water damage and debris from entering your flue. All chimneys should have some kind of covering. A cap or damper will prevent drafts from entering your home while still allowing for proper ventilation.

There are a few common causes of drafts that just require a little more work on your part. For one, your flue might be too cold, which causes creosote buildup and reduce ventilation. In order to fix this problem, you will need to prime your flue each time before you light your chimney by holding a lighted paper cone above the firebox. This way, you will have less creosote buildup and smoke will be able to properly exit your fireplace. Another potential cause of draft is that you forget to fully open your damper when you light your fire. If the damper is closed, ventilation will not be able to occur. If you believe your damper is not working properly and that it will not open, it is important to call Guaranteed Chimney Services and not light your fireplace until your damper is fixed or replaced. Doing so will cause toxic fumes to stay in your home.