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Is Your Chimney Leaking?

Water can cause all sorts of damage to your chimney and your health as well. Get that leaky chimney fixed!

Water can cause all sorts of damage to your chimney and your health as well. Get that leaky chimney fixed!

When your fireplace encounters a problem, it can either be fixed or lead to an even worse situation. To prevent times like these homeowners are encouraged to have their chimney and fireplace inspected and swept every year. Professionals are trained to fix any problem or see what can evolve into something. Chimney Leaks are important to get fixed because if water gets in the chimney it can begin to mold. This could then spread through the chimney and even into the foundation of your home. If you feel your chimney has a leak call the experts at Guaranteed Chimney Service to come check it out!

Repairing Current Leaks

If you feel like you have a leak in your chimney, you can always perform controlled water entry testing. This should always be done on a dry day to get the most out of the artificial rain. You should not drench your chimney all at once so you can better monitor where the water is entering. Also, document when you do the sprays to see how long it is taking the water to enter.

One thing in your chimney that can lead to a leak is damaged flashing. Flashing is a group of metal strips that form layers and are installed to protect the area where your chimney and your roof meet. Overtime, the flashing can rip or become loose.

Preventing Future Leaks

Even though no method is 100 percent effective, there are a few ways you can fight a chimney leak. There are a variety of waterproofing sealants that have been invented and that can be applied to block water from coming in but still allow gases to escape. This repellent will also preserve your unit in general.

It is important that you also install a chimney cap to your structure. Chimneys that do not have caps are more inclined to let water in. It is important to get this done professionally because if the cap is the wrong size or is installed incorrectly it will not be beneficial to your chimney. A top-sealing damper will also stop water from getting to the firebox while also adding an increase in energy efficiency.