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Chimney Inspections – A Guide

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What to Look Forward to in Chimney Inspections

Chimneys and Fireplaces are designed to perform a very important task: keep your home warm and cozy during cold winter weeks. Although it provides us with warmth, it also has to receive proper attention and maintenance so that it can function properly and safely so that we can prevent accidents from ever occurring. Thus, a thorough inspection is required.

There are three levels of chimney inspections that are performed by at least one or two professionals from a certified chimney sweep company; all of which can help you, as a homeowner or a provident customer, lessen the hassle of your complex chimney issues.

Knowing what to expect during your annual chimney inspection helps the homeowner prepare and evaluate the service.

Knowing what to expect during your annual chimney inspection helps the homeowner prepare and evaluate the service.

When inspecting chimney sweeps, there are certain factors to consider and step-by-step processes to remember. The first thing you have to do is look for the most legitimate, credible, well-known chimney experts in your area.

Once you’ve found the best company, set up an appointment for your chimney to be surveyed or fixed. You first have to call their company number and ask for assistance from their customer service representative to guide you and instruct you on the necessary protocol in inviting a certified professional inside your home. Make sure to call them at least a day before the inspection for confirmation on whether or not the appointment is to be continued, cancelled or will be running a little late. Always make sure that you are at your home or establishment when you are setting up the appointment.

Once the expert is at your doorstep, they come in coveralls that is said to be their uniform. It has their company name usually upfront at the left or right side. They usually present their badges and licenses to prove that they are the real deal.  This will serve as proof that they are the ones sent to check your chimney and are duly licensed professionals of their field of work.

Chimney Inspections vary depending on the degree of the problem and the overall condition. That’s why there are different levels. Some come at a higher cost because of the upgrade of the technology and equipment they use. Depending on the level of your chimney issues, chimney inspectors are always ready for whatever comes their way. Beware of low prices. They might not have the same excellent services, equipment and techniques that are necessary to assure effective and adequate solutions to recurring problems.

Once the chimney experts are already inside your home, they will immediately set up their equipment while doing a survey specifically on your fireplace up to your chimney flue. As the homeowner, it is your duty to avoid using your fireplace at least forty-eight hours before your appointment. This will allow it to have ample time to cool and dry any combustions and ashes that were in your fireplace. By doing this, you save time for professionals to find out the problem and the solution in the quickest and most accurate way possible.

After the inspection, the professional designated in your home will give you your bill and lecture you on what the problem was and how they were able to solve it. They will also discuss with you the necessary measures to take in order to maintain the stability of your chimney and fireplace. Listen carefully to what they tell you and take every point they give utmost consideration. After all, It is only for the benefit of each individual inside your home.

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