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Annual Chimney Maintenance and Cleaning

It is recommended by the Chimney Safety Institute of America that your chimney be swept by a professional on an annual basis. There are many good reasons to have your chimney inspected and swept. A cleaning and inspection will provide you with a safer, cleaner, and warmer home. Not to mention, a cleaning will help your chimney to run more efficiently, saving you money. The professionals at Guaranteed Chimney Services can help you to ensure the safety of your home.


Whenever you use your chimney, a substance called creosote builds up as hot smoke and gases hit the cool sides of your chimney. Creosote is a fire hazard and must not be allowed to build up. If allowed to accumulate, creosote can build into a substance called glazed creosote, which easily catches on fire, builds up quickly, and cannot be removed from your chimney without strong chemicals. Creosote also causes your chimney to run less efficiently, blocking smoke and hazardous gases from exiting your chimney and home. An annual chimney cleaning is important because creosote needs to be removed from your chimney before it reaches its glazed state or causes a house or chimney fire.

Annual inspections are also important because the professionals can alert you to the potential problems or hazards your chimney might be experiencing. The technicians at Guaranteed Chimney Services are trained to spot the problems that you cannot and they can help you determine the next step to make sure your chimney and fireplace are working properly and safely. The experts will check to make sure that your flue is not blocked by debris or animals that may have made their homes there. They will also check for water damage and potential sources for water damage, which can cost you a great deal of money in repairs if left unchecked. Water damage can not only ruin furniture, ceilings, and walls, but completely destroy your chimney. The professionals will also check to make sure your chimney was properly installed and that your appliance and flue are the correct sizes for each other. If your flue is too big for your appliance, creosote will accumulate rapidly, causing a fire hazard. If your flue is too small for your appliance, you will have ventilation problems that allow dangerous fumes like carbon monoxide to stay in your home.

If your chimney does not have one, the professionals at Guaranteed Chimney Services can install a chimney cap or damper. Every chimney should have one of the two as a basic measure to protect your chimney and home. A chimney cover prevents animals and debris from entering your chimney, both of which will block your flue and prevent proper ventilation. A chimney cover will also prevent water from entering your chimney and causing water damage to your chimney and home.

If you have not had your chimney serviced this year yet, give Guaranteed Chimney Services a call. As with most chimney service companies, Guaranteed Chimney Services gets booked up in the busy fall and winter months as the weather gets colder and people want to use their chimneys safely, so call as soon as you can to book an appointment. Guaranteed Chimney Services will help you to protect your home from the dangers of chimneys and allow you to use yours to its fullest potential!