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Advantages of a Top Sealing Damper

Fireplace owners are always looking for ways to save money and improve the efficiency of their heating appliances. One of the newest technology developments to do both these things is the top sealing damper.

What is a top sealing damper?

A traditional fireplace damper is at the top of the firebox and separates the firebox from the bottom of the flue. Even when the damper is closed, cold air, water, debris, and even animals can enter the chimney structure.


Top sealing dampers, however, are at the top of the flue and chimney structure. Because of their location, when they are closed there is no possibility of animals, moisture, or debris entering the chimney. Likewise, top sealing dampers can significantly reduce fireplace drafts as the top is completely sealed to outside air. Top sealing dampers also prevent cold air from flowing down the chimney shaft or hot air from escaping up it. This also keeps the chimney warmer, which is turns keeps rooms near the chimney warmer as well.

Do I still need a chimney cap?

Because of their design and location, chimney caps and top sealing dampers cannot be used on the same chimney. However, a top sealing damper functions as a chimney cap, keeping moisture and debris out of the chimney. This is an extremely important function of the top sealing damper, as a clogged chimney can cause smoke and gas to back up into your home. In addition to affecting the air quality, clogged chimney may result in you or your family suffering the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Will a top sealing damper keep animals out?

When closed, a top sealing damper is just as effective as a chimney cap at keeping birds, raccoons, and other mammals out of the chimney structure. However, it is important that the damper is closed whenever the chimney is not in use to keep animals from entering the chimney. When the fireplace is being used, the smoke from the fire will serve as a natural deterrent to keep birds and animals away. Likewise, most top sealing dampers are designed in a way that will keep large mammals like raccoons from entering the chimney even when the damper is open.

Are top sealing dampers more efficient?

Because they seal off the entire chimney from the outside, top sealing dampers are more efficient. Their design prevents the warm air from inside your home from escaping as well as blocking cold air from the outside from getting in. With a traditional damper, cold air can blow down the chimney and lower the temperature in the surrounding rooms or in the room where the fireplace is located. This causes the thermostat to react, running the heater in an effort to compensate for this drop in temperature. A top sealing damper prevents this from happening, saving you money on utilities.

If you have questions about whether or not a top sealing damper is the right choice for your fireplace and chimney, contact Guaranteed Chimney Service today. Our expert staff would be happy to talk to you about the advantages of installing a top sealing damper and what it can do for your chimney system.