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All About Masonry Repairs

Chimneys serve a much more important purpose than merely decorating your roofline. And while these structures are built to withstand the elements, they can deteriorate over time due to damage, age, or being constructed or repaired with subpar materials.

Instead of letting your fireplace and chimney fall further into disrepair, consider having the masonry repaired now. Spring is an excellent time to have masonry repairs competed as the mild temperatures can greatly minimize weather delays. Likewise, having masonry repairs completed now means that your fireplace and chimney will be fully repaired and ready to use again when fall returns.


Why does my masonry need to be repaired?

Masonry structures, like chimneys and fireplaces, are built to stand the test of time. However, there are a number of factors – including age – that can cause these structures to need repairs. Below are some of the most common reasons masonry needs to be repaired.

Water damage: Water is the most damaging force that can affect your masonry. While bricks are naturally porous, small cracks or chips can cause more water entry and the creation of a freeze-thaw cycle of masonry damage. Applying a waterproof sealant to your chimney is one way to extend the life of your masonry and prevent further water damage.

Water can also damage the rest of your fireplace system if it is allowed in; chimney caps, crowns, flues, and fireboxes can all be damaged by water entry. Likewise, if water is leaking in through the chimney there is an increased risk for water damage to other parts of your home such as attics, floors, walls, or ceilings.

Settling: Unfortunately, home and land settling is completely natural and there is nothing that can be done to prevent it. However, fireplaces and chimneys that are well built using proper materials are less prone to damage from settling. If your firebox or chimney develops cracks due to settling, detailed tuckpointing can be done to repair the damage.

Improper installation or materials: One of the major causes of masonry issues is improper installation or the use of improper materials. Oftentimes, homeowners choose the least expensive building materials or the fastest available repair. While this makes life easier in the short term, it may cause additional problems in the long run. In addition, many homes have fireplaces or chimneys that were installed or built by contractors, not masons. This means that the masonry may not have been correctly installed and may deteriorate quicker in the future.

Our masonry services

At Guaranteed Chimney Service, we are proud to offer our customers a wide range of masonry services to help maintain and repair your fireplace and chimney systems. We can repair fireboxes  that have been cracked or damaged, chimney crowns that have deteriorated due to water damage, and everything in between.

If years of use have taken a toll on your fireplace or chimney, contact Guaranteed Chimney Service today. Our highly skilled masons can repair your masonry and return your fireplace and chimney back to their former glory.

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