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How to Tell the “Scammer” Chimney Sweeps from the Real Guys

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Chimney scams have been becoming more prevalent. Not only will scammers take your hard earned money and open you up to potential identity theft, but they threaten the safety of your home by giving false advice and services. In order to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of a scammer, you should learn the signs that tell the differences between fake and real chimney sweeps.


According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, a few things to look for when searching for a reliable chimney servicing company are references, a lack of unresolved complaints, a valid business liability insurance policy, and certification. A reliable and quality chimney sweep service will be able to provide you with valid references whereas a scammer will not. You can also check the company’s status with the Better Business Bureau to determine if it is a reliable company that treats its customers honestly and fairly. A valid business liability insurance policy means that the company is interested in protecting your home against potential accidents. Certification, whether with the CSIA or the National Fire Institute, guarantees you that your technician has been properly trained and educated and can help you to ensure that you have a safe and clean chimney and home.

Another way to avoid scammers is to be wary of services that contact you with suspiciously low-price offers. Always ask questions to make sure that such companies are actually legitimate if you are considering utilizing their services. In addition to some of the questions that have already been indicated, you should ask for the company’s literature as well as a copy of their standard contract. Also, ask how long the company has been in business, as this can give you an indication of their reliability. If you are actively searching for a company to service your chimneys, look for a local business that you can easily get in contact with.

Guaranteed Chimney Services, a company with its technicians certified by the NFI as well as Fireplace Investigation, Research, & Education certified, can provide you with the care and maintenance your chimney and its surrounding appliances need. The company has been in business for ten years and can provide references for you. They have plenty of information on their website about their methods and procedures when it comes to inspecting and cleaning chimneys as well as the products and services they offer. You can also easily contact them by phone or through their website to ask any questions that you may have. In addition to inspecting and cleaning chimneys, Guaranteed Chimney Services also installs fireplaces and chimneys.

If you are looking for a reliable service to have your chimney inspected and cleaned, as it should be every year, contact Guaranteed Chimney Services to ensure that your chimney receives the care of the highest quality. You will be happy to know that your chimney is clean and that your home is safe!