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Masonry Repairs in Suffolk County

If you ever notice that your chimney’s masonry seems to be in disrepair or falling apart, it is important that you call a chimney service such as Guaranteed Chimney Services as soon as possible. When the materials that make up your chimney begin to fall apart, they will continue to fall apart and easily, leading to expensive repairs. Therefore, it is better to fix any problems sooner rather than later. The professionals at Guaranteed Chimney Services have the expertise to make these repairs in order to ensure that your home is warm and safe as well as to advise you on measures you can take to extend the life of your chimney.


If you have a brick chimney, be sure to call a chimney mason and not a brick mason. Only a chimney mason, such as the ones at Guaranteed Chimney Services, will know how to properly fix and maintain a chimney because he or she will know how chimneys work and how to keep your home safe. The experts at Guaranteed Chimney Services can provide you with a variety of services to help fix or maintain your chimney’s masonry. They can repair your firebox, rebuild or replace your chimney crown, and reline you chimney (whether woodburning, gas, or oil). They also have the expertise to waterproof your chimney, repair the flashing, as well as find and repair leaks.

Water is you chimney’s greatest enemy according to the Chimney Safety Institute of America. Some of the materials that make up your chimney, such as brick and mortar, are easily permeated by water. If water seeps into the materials of your chimney and freezes, the water will expand, causing these materials to crack. These cracks become bigger as the freeze-thaw cycle repeats, eventually causing your chimney to crumble and fall apart. Water can also enter your chimney if it is not covered with a cap or if your damper does not close. In addition to causing the destruction of your chimney, water damage can lead to mold, stains, and rust.

Guaranteed Chimney Services can also provide you with the assistance you need in order to avoid destruction to your chimney by the weather, water, or anything else. The experts there can apply a sealant to your chimney in order to prevent water from seeping into your chimney’s materials. A professional from Guaranteed Chimney Services has the experience necessary to choose the sealant best for your chimney that will prevent water seepage while still allowing the materials of your chimney to breathe. Water can become trapped in these materials otherwise, which can lead to even more damage to your chimney.

So give Guaranteed Chimney Services a call as soon as possible if you notice deterioration in your chimney. The professionals there will make sure your home is both safe and warm during the coming winter months.

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