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All About Chase Covers

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Prefabricated fireplaces are a popular fireplace choice that can be found in many new homes. These fireplaces often represent a less expensive heating option that is easier to install than their masonry counterparts. While prefabricated chimneys may require less maintenance work, it is important to understand the different parts and components that make up your prefabricated chimney.

One of the most important parts of any prefabricated chimney is the chase cover. Chimney chase covers are an important fireplace component that protects your chimney and fireplace from the elements. Without a quality chase cover, your fireplace is left exposed and may become damaged or deteriorate faster.


What are chase covers?

Prefabricated chimneys are cost effective and functional – but are not always stylish. Because of this, most prefabricated chimneys are surrounded by a structure known as a chimney chase. The chase is built around the prefabricated chimney and can be constructed to match the exterior, such as by using the same siding or stucco as the rest of your home, as well as to mimic the look of a traditional masonry chimney.

To protect the top of the chase, a chimney chase cover is installed. Chase covers are pieces of metal such as aluminum, copper, or stainless steel. Designed to extend over the sides of the chimney, this allows the chase cover to direct rain water off of the top of and away from the sides of the chimney.

What do chase covers do?

Chase covers are designed to protect the top of the chimney while keeping moisture from rain or snow from damaging the sides of the chimney structure. Leaky chase covers can cause serious water damage to the interior and exterior of your home. Likewise, the presence of water in the chimney system can also facilitate the growth of mold or mildew. The presence of mold caused by water damage can create serious chimney odors as well as impact your home’s air supply.

One of the most common signs that your chase cover has been damaged by water is the presence of rust on the sides of your home or chimney. Because chase covers are made of metal, those exposed to the elements for long periods of time can begin to rust; this is especially true of older or less expensive chase covers. While rust stains can certainly be an eyesore, they can also indicate that there is more serious water damage present in your chimney.

In addition to protecting your home from water, chimney chase covers also help keep debris and animals out of the chimney structure. This is especially important as according to the Chimney Safety Institute of America birds are more likely to nest in prefabricated chimneys than in their masonry counterpart. If your chase cover does not fit correctly or is damaged, birds are more likely to get into and nest in your chimney structure.

Your chimney chase cover has the important job of protecting the top of your prefabricated chimney and the rest of the chase structure. Protect your fireplace by ensuring that you have a quality, well-fitting chimney chase cover. Contact Guaranteed Chimney Service today to learn more about our selection of chase covers and how a new chase cover can benefit your fireplace!